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New Crew!

5/13/19 – This past week, Sawbill welcomed 4 new crew members to the BWCA! Mia Pudas was the first to arrive last Sunday the fifth. Mia is from Eden Prairie Minnesota and she joins us for her first season after a number of family trips to Sawbill. She just finished her first year as an Electrical Engineering major at Michigan Tech. Next, Mathew Campbell joined us from Duluth Minnesota to fill the shoes of his older brother and long time crew member Tyler. Matthew is studying English and Psychology at Dakota Wesleyan University. He has been a camper at Sawbill for many years and is excited for his first year on the crew. Sawyer Laird came next all the way from Lowell Michigan. He is an Outdoor Recreation major at Central Michigan University and is ready to share his passion for the wilderness with Sawbill. Lastly, David Kelm arrived on Friday after completing his first year as a Political Science major at Concordia College Moorehead. Please join us in welcoming the new crew members to Sawbill!


From left to right: Mia Pudas, Matthew Campbell, David Kelm, and Sawyer Laird