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BWCA Dedication

7/22/19 – People find the most clever ways to represent their love for the Boundary waters. This week, we had a customer with the same idea as our campground hosts- a dedication to the BWCA on their license plates! It’s a great show of love, and tells us that people come from all over the visit this remote part of Northern Minnesota. We have customers from all over the country, as the licenses from Nebraska and Texas show below. Heck, we have people from all over the world visiting the Boundary Waters! This year alone, people have visited Sawbill from Russia, Mexico, Guatemala, Denmark, Norway, and Germany. It’s amazing that this region can hold something special in so many people’s hearts. Whether you come from 30 miles away or 3,000, we love to hear your stories of how you found BWCA or Sawbill!


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