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Cold weather alert!

10/6/19 – As winter approaches, lots of changes are happening in the BWCA. For fall paddlers, this means preparing for colder and wetter weather on the lakes and portages as well as at your campsites. If you’re planning a trip within the coming weeks, it’s important to pack warm, non-cotton clothing and layers that can be easily taken off and stowed. Rain gear is a must, and footwear should be warm, sturdy, and waterproof, as water temperatures are dropping and portages are muddy in many places. Colder weather also means portage packs will be more full. Our outfitter is mostly sending out zero degree sleeping bags rather than the normal 20-30 degree bags used in the summer months. These will take up more space, as will the increased layers and warmer clothing necessary to brave the October cold.

Prepare for bigger sleeping bags and heavier portage packs!

While portaging may be more of a task in October, those who are willing to put in the extra effort to plan for increasingly cold and wet weather will be handsomely rewarded. The fall colors are still going strong here in the wilderness, the bugs are completely gone, and the foot traffic on most routes is way down. As the temperatures at night begin to dip into the 30s and 20s within the next few weeks, a lucky few will have the chance to see snow in the boundary waters while still being able to canoe across the lakes. This time of year, the northern lights are also far more common. We hope to see you here for the last few weeks of the season!