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Howlin’ Good Time

12/8/19 – On my way out of the office the other afternoon, I suddenly felt the need to head to the lake.  The lazy snowflakes drifting to the ground, light blanket of clouds, and a pleasant 20 some degrees left me no choice but to hurry up and get down there before sunset.  As I approached the lake I caught the sound of wolves howling in the distance (apparently I wasn’t the only one enjoying the beautiful evening).  They fell silent shortly after my arrival, so I waited a while to see if they would start back up.  After about 15 minutes of quiet I asked myself, what would Cindy Hansen do?  She’s a howling savant, so the answer was clear, I had to give them a good old-fashioned “Hey, hi, how are ya?”  I let out a howl, and wouldn’t you know, the group started back up across the lake.  I’ve heard wolves howling a few times in the past, but never in the daylight. Pretty darn cool!  -Jessica

Unfortunately no quality audio was obtained, but even the post howling sunset was well worth the trip to the lake.