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Improved Conditions for Lake Travel

1/16/20 – This past weekend we welcomed round two of visiting crew members. Brian Henry arrived first and took it upon himself to head out on skis to provide a little lake condition reconnaissance. He reported 21″ of ice, along with a firm crust of snow on-top of the early season slush. Great news for future lake travel! His route zig-zagged across the south end of the lake, eventually heading around Boundary Island, and back. The only slush he encountered was when he dug his ski pole down into the snow to find it.

Other highlights from the weekend included; a sunset ski, music at Papa Charlies in Lutsen, lots of coffee drinking, bird watching, vinyl record listening, and football. Hard to beat. Thanks to Claire, Lindsey, Drew, Tess, and of course Brian for making the trip! -Jessica

Kit and Huck make sure Brian knows how to properly set up his fishing hole (no fish were harmed in the making of this newsletter post).