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Large Brown Herbivore

4/3/20 – Last week I broke out the snowshoes and headed down a nearby logging road to take advantage of a bluebird day. I was mostly able to stay on top of the crusty snow, but every once in a while I’d break through up to my knees signaling that snowshoe season is coming to a close. Along the hike I found lots of moose sign from earlier in the winter, and you guessed it, scat (I just couldn’t wait another whole week to share). Everything I came across was melting out of the snow, so not very fresh, but fun to find in any case. -Jessica

Step one: a moose munches on some brush.
Step two…
Longer days and warmer weather are slowly melting the top crust of snow making it more porous, although we still have a good chunk of snow on the ground.