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Tonight at 7 pm on WTIP: Coronavirus Discussion

4/30/20 – Tune into 90.7 FM, or stream at, tonight at 7 pm (CST). Sawbill’s very own Dan Shirley will be in on a community conversation with other business leaders and healthcare professionals of Cook County. -Jessica

The program is archived here. As the coronavirus continues to impact so many different aspects of life for people here in Cook County and throughout the state of Minnesota, one question that continues to loom in the background of day-to-day discussions is when and how will the local economy recover? It’s a question on the minds of nearly everyone in the local business community, as well as those who live outside the area and are anxious to plan their next trip to the North Shore. At the heart of the question is how do we balance community health, both physical and mental, while giving consideration to a local economy that relies on tourists visiting the region?

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