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Whatever the Weather

5/31/20 –  As you flip or click your 2020 calendar page to the month of June with intent to plan a Sawbill Boundary Waters trip keep in mind as you write your packing list, although summer is only weeks away, seasonal temperatures  in the North Country may vary from  the low 40’s to the mid 70’s. Also consider the  effects of wind, rain and overcast skies combined with these temperatures as you choose clothes for protection and warmth.

On mornings this week, Sawbill crew donned jeans and hoodies, changed to shorts and t-shirts mid-day and by evening wore puffy jackets and wool hats. ALWAYS bring complete rain gear — jacket, pants, hat and footwear– and an assortment of clothes for layering to include shorts, pants and both long and short sleeve shirts.  Seek to have at least one set of dry clothes that also includes footwear and socks.  By packing a variety of clothing options you are better prepared for your paddling comfort as well as possible hazards or emergencies.