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Welcome Dragonflies!

6/13/20 – Every year we celebrate the return of the dragonflies. It’s an unofficial northwoods holiday! As usual, the hatch happens seemingly all at once. You first notice a dragonfly here and there along the ground or on a low bush. Then, you turn your gaze skyward and there they are, swarms of them criss-crossing the air above you. Within a matter of days the blackfly and mosquito populations are noticeably diminished.

Freshly hatched.
This brand new dragonfly is still drying its wings. Dozens of these adorn the rocks of the canoe landing today.

While we had an exceptionally dry April and May, June has brought a few substantial rain showers. The fire ban was lifted on May 18th and waters levels are about average for this time of year again. During one recent evening rain storm, we noticed several frogs taking advantage of the bugs congregating on our lit up windows and filled themselves with an easy meal.

We ventured out in the downpour to get a closer look at this vibrant fellow.