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Leave no trace

07/07/2020- The Boundary waters canoe area wilderness has existed for decades to provide a place for outdoor enthusiasts to experience nature in its truest form. This year has seen more visitors to our wilderness than ever before and many new campers who are eager and excited to explore this incredible area. Due to increased traffic, it is extra important to be aware of the Leave no Trace policy in the BWCA. The Boundary waters is home to some of the cleanest water in the world and we all must do our part in preserving this land to the best of our ability. Remember to always leave no trace; leave every placeĀ  cleaner than you found it. Be sure that everything you pack in comes back out with you, including all of your garbage. While we don’t show the video before issuing permits this year, we still encourage everyone to watch it before their trip. You can view all three parts on the Forest Service’s YouTube channel.