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Crew Activities

Christmas in July is celebrated every year on July 25th by the crew and any former crew members that are visiting at the time. White elephant gifts were exchanged again this year, and a large batch of frosted sugar cookies made their way into the crew’s stomachs. The celebration could not have been complete without the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and its star on top.

On Saturday, August 15th, the crew went for an evening paddle to Alton. They paddled to the portage from Sawbill into Alton and left the canoe on the Sawbill side. The sky was incredible sitting upon Alton rock. This is a great day trip paddle. For those planning on doing the Kelso loop, leaving the canoe on the Sawbill side of the portage and checking the waves on Alton is always useful to plan out routes on windy days. Alton is best known as a small mouth bass lake, but also contains trophy sized walleyes and northerns.