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First Snow

10/15/20 – It’s been an exciting couple of days here at Sawbill. Yesterday, the kids and I went for a drive to seek out some fresh Lake Superior fish to put in our freezer. We took the long way and while we were cruising along a little used backroad we came across a pack of wolves! We were able to watch the pack, which looked like 2 or 3 grown adults and 2 pups, for quite a while. Eventually, they passed right by our car and headed off into the woods.

This was the first wolf we saw, and the biggest.
The two pups check us out before following their parents into the woods.

This morning we woke up to the first real snow of the season. Everything is covered in a nice fresh layer of crisp early season snow and even the air smells cold. We’ll be spending today and tomorrow putting the canoes into storage. In addition to the cold and snow, it’s been quite windy up here too so the lake is not very hospitable to travel at the moment.

Vibrant fall leaves are quickly disappearing.
Things will only get snowier from here on out.