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From the Vault

12/16/20 – As we enjoy this relatively uneventful (as far as Sawbill is concerned) December, I thought I would share one of my favorite newsletter posts from the archives. There were lots of gems to choose from, so stay tuned for more blasts from the past. -Jessica

7/9/04 – Toby (Sonya’s Dog), Homer, and Sunny discuss themes for the second annual one eyed dog conference, tentatively planned for July 16th, 2005. Sunny’s lecture on advanced dog treat detection for one eyed canines drew a large crowd. She is planning to publish several exciting papers on dog treat detection and several other topics in the OCCS’s (Optically Challenged Canine Society’s) quarterly newsletter. When asked about this year’s conference, Toby said,” I have always felt ashamed and alone because I poked my eye out with a squeaky toy….. Meeting other one-eyed dogs has helped me realize that there are optically challenged dogs out there living happy, healthy lives. Sunny and Homer have taught me so much. I can’t wait for next summer’s conference!” – Dave