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Who Cooks For You?

Summer is in full swing here at Sawbill, and there are all sorts of signs of life to prove it. The mosquitos have hatched to join the blackflies in what is likely the buggiest two-week stretch of the entire season, and after almost a full week of low-70s and sun we had a full day of rain today to give us a respite from the insects and to quench the thirst of the forest. We’re expecting a few days of consistent sun coming up, so we hope to see you up here at the campground or heading out on trip!

The wildlife sightings are certainly evidence of summertime. The fishing is picking up, particularly on the fire lakes (Smoke, Burnt, Flame) to the East of Sawbill. About 10 miles down the Sawbill trail (16 miles or so after turning up the trail from Tofte), a young bull Moose has been spotted a number of times in the past week grazing in the moose pond to the East of the trail. If you’re heading up the trail in the coming days, keep an eye out – it seems to be a favorite spot for the yungin’. Here at the campground, though we haven’t had reports of black bears bothering anyone at their sites, there are signs that they’re exploring the food options (pictured below). Luckily, our bear-proof dumpsters seem to be discouraging any further exploration.

Perhaps most interesting of all our recent wildlife encounters has been an unusual uptick of Barred Owl activity around Sawbill Lake. Numerous Owls have been heard by crew members and visitors alike on the south end of the lake, echoing their distinctive “who cooks for you” hoots around the campground around dusk. The other night, crew members Jessica, Katie, and Owen heard a loud cacophony of Barred Owls just meters from the crew lodging, before watching as three distinctive shapes swooped across the trail and over towards the Sawbill store.

Last but not least in the list of evidence that the summer season is underway, our last remaining full-season crew members arrived this weekend! Diana arrived this afternoon as she prepares for a second consecutive season, and Evan arrived from Northfield on Sunday and has quickly plunged into his first ever days as a Sawbill crew member. If you make it up to Sawbill this week, make sure to say hello! After you stop to see the moose, of course… — Owen S.