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Aurora Borealis

This week at Sawbill we’ve been blessed with not one but two different evenings with visible aurora to the north. Auroras are the result of disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar wind or high solar activity and are generally easier to spot in high-latitude regions (the arctic and antarctic). While we are well to the South of the Arctic Circle here at Sawbill, we benefit from living in the world’s largest IDA-certified dark sky sanctuary. Still, it’s rare that we get visible and active Northern Lights in the BWCA, let alone twice in one week! The second night of Aurora in three days occurred on the same night the Sawbill crew welcomed an additional member to its ranks; Graham arrived on the 4th of July to round out the last of the full-season employees, and naturally the Sawbill crew had to make their way down to the landing for the greatest fireworks show nature has to offer. — Owen S.