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It’s Berry Picking Season!

7/27/22 – All the rain up here in the north woods has brought at least one good thing with it – a fantastic berry haul!

The blueberries and strawberries are out in force, and some shy raspberries are starting to ripen as well. Berry patches are all over the place near the Sawbill Trail and are food sources for lots of wildlife during the late summer and early fall. Bears, squirrels, moose, and various birds all frequent berry patches, so if you pull over to gather some, make sure you do a quick scan of the clearing to see if you have a picking partner you didn’t plan for!

Some pickers like to bring plant books with them on their outings to help identify the fruit and plants they see. Blueberries and strawberries are widespread and easily identifiable, but when in doubt, check to make sure a berry is edible before picking it! The north woods are home to several varieties of berries that are better left to the wildlife and shouldn’t be eaten by humans.

When you go, make sure to bring a big picking bucket, especially with the huge number of blueberries that are ripe right now. If you do end up with an overflowing blueberry emergency, you can always eat some to clear up space:)


Berry picking in a patch near the Sawbill Trail last week.
Crew member Katie and her bucket – still needs some filling!
Some small north woods strawberries that were quickly eaten after this photo was taken.