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Merry Christmas in July!

7/31/22 – Friday was the 18th annual Christmas in July! Since we spend Christmas in December scattered across the country, we choose 1 night every July to transform Sawbill into a winter wonderland. Carols are sung, cookies are decorated, a tree is erected, mistletoe is hung, homemade gifts are exchanged, and a proper feast is prepared. It is my personal favorite Sawbill holiday because everyone brings a piece of their family tradition and shares it with the crew. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good summer! -Matthew

From left to right: Clare’s blueberry chutney tarts, David’s Manicotti and quinoa blueberry salad, Clare’s Challah, and Jr/Diana’s cardamom bread. Not pictured: Desserts and the hours of labor each of these dishes took.
The whole crew gathered around the table as gifts are passed out by Kit, Sig, and Mia.
Special shout out to Walt and Kyle for this INCREDIBLE homemade birch bark visor.