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Out for an Evening Stroll

Sawbill Lake on a calm, cloudy night

Nothing beats a sunset paddle, but a sunset stroll might be pretty close. One of my favorite walks at Sawbill combines part of the Sawbill Trail with our lakeshore path. This little loop allows for a nice array of scenery. The road offers lots of trees and plants, even some blueberries if your lucky, while the lake path grants one some lovely views of Sawbill Lake. On a quiet night, you can hear the wind through the leaves, the chorus of white-throated sparrows and common loons, and the gentle lapping of water against the Sawbill shoreline. And just because you’re out for a walk doesn’t mean that you have to walk the whole time! My ideal “walk” includes quiet moments sitting by the lake just taking it all in.

Whichever way you choose to spend your evenings here, I hope that you get to enjoy and witness all of the wonderful little things that this place has to offer. This place is truly magical.


Where I like to turn off from the Sawbill Trail