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Used Canoes For Sale

10/25/22 – With an unseasonably fair weathered fall and a number of bigger projects happening around Sawbill, our used canoe sale is a bit later than usual this year. But fear not! Dan has been hard at work in the shop now that things have quieted down around here and the first batch of canoes have hit the website. You can read more about our refurbishment process here.

Dan takes advantage of the warm day to work with the shop door open.

As a reminder, we refurbish our three-year old used canoes prior to sale. That means that canoes become available as they are ready, so 2 or 3 new ones will hit the website every several days until they are all done. This year we’ll have just a few Wenonah MNII and MNIII’s, Northstar Northwind 20’s (3 seats) and Northstar Seliga’s for sale. If you are interested in an unrefurbished canoe that you are able to pick up immediately, give us a call and we can discuss the discounted pricing.