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The Art of a Tie-Down

2/14/23 – Have you, or someone you know, been stopped flat in your planning tracks due to Sawbill Lake permits being fully booked for your prospective entry day? Fear not! Here at Sawbill we specialize in the art of tying canoes onto vehicles, so you can take destiny into your own hands and explore a different entry point in the area. Three canoes you say, but only one vehicle? We can handle it! Compact car? We’ve got you covered! No roof rack? No problem!

Long story short; if your trip has you starting somewhere other than Sawbill Lake we’ll secure the canoe(s) onto your vehicle and provide all the ropes, straps, foam pads, racks, etc. needed to get where you’re going. This comes with all rentals at no extra charge. -Jessica

We are happy to pass on our tricks and tips.
Yep, that’s right. Three canoes, one vehicle.
This one got us thinking a little outside the box.
The Prius de résistance.