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April 20th Ice Check

4/20/23 – Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories have been the name of the game this week. Monday we added 9″ of sloppy snow with more coming down today. As a result all the water that was previously on top of the ice has since been covered up/refrozen, but even with all that we’ve made a little progress since the last measurement. This morning’s test hole showed 18″ of solid ice with a top 12″ layer of compact slush and snow. That’s 4″ less ice than a week ago! There is a caveat however, ice thickness can vary from one side of a test hole to another, so although there are 18″ here, there might be 20″ not far away. Even so, I’m taking this measurement as a win and not asking too many questions. -Jessica

Official measurement taken around 9am.