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Welcoming New Canoes Into the Fold

5/22/23 – Before a new canoe can head out for it’s first adventure there are a few items of business to take care of.  To start we license them all at the Grand Marais DMV which is located inside a flower shop (try finding a more pleasant venue for renewing your drivers license).  Back at home we apply the license, our logo, and a unique number to each of the canoes.  Then we install our custom adjustable yoke pads before introducing the greenhorn to the rest of the fleet ready and waiting in the canoe yard. -Jessica

Matthew tests out his best calligraphy.
Holes are drilled into the yoke perfectly spaced for the yoke pad bolts.
Varnish is applied to the freshly drilled holes.
Yoke pads go on.
And it’s off to join the others.