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Let the Countdown Begin!

3/13/24 – This afternoon we happily welcomed a new addition to the ice measuring tool kit. The fresh out of the box auger easily cut through a handful of test holes with it’s razor sharp blade to reveal between 14 and 15 inches of ice on the south end of the lake. The ice seems pretty solid out there still, but the top inch is more slush than ice at this point. Things have been changing quickly the past few warm sunny days and I’m certainly not enticed to go on any long lake walks like I did just a few days ago.

Dan giving the new 4-1/2″ auger a spin.
Another key ingredient to getting the correct measurement is a properly calibrated ice measuring stick.
Official measurement recorded this afternoon at 3:20pm.

Looking at the extended forecast however, this ice melting extravaganza might come to a screeching halt over the weekend with lows predicted in the teens and single digits through early next week. -Jessica