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Even More Turtles!

7/7/24- The Sawbill Crew has been lucky enough to spot snapping turtles around Sawbill and neighboring lakes. Whether due to their prehistoric appearance or impressive size, our crew is always excited to see these reptiles and snap a quick picture of them. 

A curious little guy just hanging out on Square Lake
A friendly resident of Sawbill Lake
A massive snapping turtle on Smoke Lake
(All photos courtesy of our awesome crew member, Evan)

Snapping turtles are native to North America and have existed alongside many other species for around 90 million years. On average, they live for around 30 years and only 1% of snapping turtle hatchlings reach reproductive age. This makes is a true gift to see these awesome animals. If you see any cool turtles (or other animals) please let us know all about it any day from 7 am-9 pm at the store! – Luna