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May 2004

– Resident meteorologist Frank Hansen reported that Sawbill has received 1.82
inches of in the last 24 hours, and it is still raining! According to Frank this
is the most rain we have received in a 24 hour period in several years. Rain rain
go away and come again some other day!

If you called several days ago to
see if we had found your digital camera accessories, please call us back because
we think we have the box of accessories you were looking for. – Dave

Dave, Sonya, and Pat take a breaking from canoe repair.

– I awoke at 5 a.m and traces of fog visible through my window urged me to rise
early. I began trotting towards the landing with a canoe on my shoulders and a
paddle in hand when I caught site of the lakes mirror smooth surface. Sawbill
was layered in fog making it hard to distinguish where the water ended and air
began. A juvenile bald eagle eyed me as it scanned the shoreline for a meal, its
molted coat catching the golden rays of the pre-dawn light as it flew.

North the bow of my canoe pierced the lake’s glassy surface. A loon preened and
stretched it wings before diving for a fish. Its mate sat near by keeping a single
speckled egg warm and safe. Loons mate for life and take turns guarding their
nests and looking for food. Floating in the silence, my mind wandered back to
the pairs courtship dance and haunting calls I witnessed a few days ago. With
some diligent parenting and a little luck there will be three loons leaving Sawbill
in the Fall. – Dave

loon on its nest on sawbill Lake

Sunrise on Sawbill Lake

5/28/04 – Memorial Day Weekend arrived this
morning in typical fashion, with several groups jockeying to be the first out
the door and on the water at 7 a.m. They are enjoying a truly beautiful day today
in the north country, so I can’t blame them for being eager. The sky is robin’s
egg blue, the water is azure, and the trees are fresh green. The leaves are just
beginning to peek out. This is one of the latest summer onsets in recent memory.

cold water temperatures (50 degrees at the surface yesterday), walleye fishing
is starting to pick up–mostly males caught so far. The northerns are biting well,
too, although it seems like the smaller sizes are more active. A few early butterflies
have appeared, the warblers are singing their hearts out, and yesterday I saw
two beautiful rose breasted grosbeaks. Their song sounds like a robin that has
had musical training.

brand, spanking new canoes for your paddling pleasure?

5/15/04 – Last night
at 12:01 the Minnesota fishing season started. Yesterday we had several groups
head out to their favorite fishing spot ready for that first cast of the year.
The temperature dropped below freezing again last night and the puddles around
the store were frozen this morning when I woke up. Clear sunny skies soon unveiled
a beautiful day for paddling and maybe a little fishing. Bill and I spotted a
enjoying the morning sun. These lightening fast little predators are
always a treat to see.

We have also added Online
Reservation Forms
to our website. Feel free to use these secure forms to make
a reservation for your next trip.

– Dave

5/13/04- A storm caused our
main phone lines to go out at approximately 5:30 PM last night. Bill was able
to get the phones working again around noon today and the phone has been ringing
off the hook ever since. We are sorry if our phone troubles caused you any inconvenience.
Life in the woods is never dull! I guess having your phones stop working for a
few hours is a small price to pay when you live a stone’s throw from the BWCAW!

for your call,

– Dave

5/8/04 – For the first time
ever, Sawbill is holding a huge used and overstock equipment sale in the spring/summer.
This sale features a stock of unusual items which we will not be selling again
for the foreseeable future, including solo canoes, three-person canoes, kids’
and infant life vests, packs, paddles (canoe and kayak), rain gear, and loads
of other stuff. Proceed to the
Used Equipment
for more information.

– The ice is out on Sawbill Lake. Today (May 1) is the statistical average for
ice out on Sawbill Lake since records have been kept. How’s that for exciting?
Unlike most years, when the ice is totally finished off by a period of warm weather,
the ice is receding slowly this year. Alton Lake still has a few inches of ice,
and we assume the larger, northern lakes, like Cherokee and Little Saganaga,
are still frozen. Baker and Kawishiwi Lakes are confirmed open.

for us at the ranch, we spent the day detailing our new fleet of Wenonah MN2s,
MN3s and Prisms, getting them ready for the rigors of rental. We are expecting
Santa Claus to bring us some more shiny new boats next week from Souris River,
Bell and Alumacraft.