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6/28/05 – With the Fourth of July just around the corner, the Sawbill family has finally reached full strength. Straggler Shannon Grace is our last crew member to arrive for the 2005 season. Shannon graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison this spring with a degree in nursing. She will be studying for her boards this summer, so direct all medical stumpers to Shannon. To learn more about the Sawbill crew, including staff members’ favorite BWCA routes, check out our staff profiles.
Sawbill Campground hosts Jim and Rachel TerBeest arrived yesterday after a stressful 2-day drive from Omaha, Neb., during which they lost a wheel off their 32-foot trailer. Fortunately, no major damage was done and Jim and Rachel are settled in on campsite 17 and ready for another relaxed summer at Sawbill.

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Welcome back to Shannon, Jim and Rachel.