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8/31/05 –
Northern Lights shimmering over Sawbill Lake last night.
Campers heading up to the BWCAW this weekend will be happy to know that the fire ban will be lifted at 12:01 am on Friday September 2nd. Starting Friday morning campers will once again be able to build campfires inside of designated fire grates through out the BWCAW.
Last night’s calm, clear, star filled sky provided the perfect backdrop as our canoe surged across Sawbill’s inky black surface. We sat floating in a bed of stars, inhaling the cool air, listening to the haunting cries of a far off loon. Time passed unnoticed and a faint glow appeared on the northern horizon highlighting a stand of storm weathered white pines on a ridge above the lake. Reluctantly we turned South knowing that dawn and a long day’s work lay just around the corner. We returned to Sawbill and headed for bed, but the crisp air, was too hard to resist. I grabbed my pack and headed for the landing. Nestled in my sleeping bag I fell asleep as the northern lights lept over head and danced across the lake’s glassy surface.