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10/1/05 – The moose hunting season started today, and the hunters were treated to another fine fall day. In reality it feels more like August 1, but who can complain about shorts and T-shirt weather in October? The customers seem to be fooled into thinking it is August as well, because the store was packed at 8 AM this morning. Hunters, leaf peepers, and regular old canoeists couldn’t wait to get in the door this morning.
Adam Hansen, Sawbill’s lawyer in training, is up visiting with, Rishi Gupta, a friend from law school. Today they are off grouse hunting, and inventorying land for the Friends of the Boundary Waters. The Friends of the Boundary Waters are surveying over 90,000 acres of undeveloped lands adjacent to the BWCAW in hopes that some day the wilderness can be expanded. Volunteers like Adam are responsible for taking photos of different sections of forest to help determine which areas are good candidates for wilderness protection.