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7/31/06 – Today brought some much needed relief from the busiest weekend so far this year. All the crew say “thank you” to all the great people that we get to meet here at Sawbill. The heat index topped 100 degrees today, but the heat is nothing that a quick dip into water cannot solve. The heat has now been absorbed into a large and spectacular thunderstorm, with thunder claps overhead and a soothing rhythm pounding on the roof. The drenching rain is welcome to reduce the fire danger and increase the water levels. -Johnny
Cindy recognized this adventurer in front of the store. He is Scott Sorenson of Traverse City, MI. Since June 27, Scott has circumnavigated both the Quetico and the BWCA, a total trip of 535 miles. Cindy and Scott were reuinted for this picture after having met two weeks earlier on the Granite river while Cindy was on her own trip. Scott says “Hi to Dorothy.”
Some of the interesting clouds that could be seen over Sawbill.
Rain began to pour only moments after the picture above was taken.
Frog’s eye view of Sawbill during the midday rain storm.