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8/25/06 – We received this charming email and attached photos today:
To the staff @ Sawbill Canoe Outfitters:
My boyfriend, Tim Petricek, who’s camped several times per year at Sawbill
for 30+ years, recently took me on my very first (ever!) camping trip from
July 13-18, 2006.
Although I had no previous “outdoors” experience and had only been on a
canoe once in my life before visiting the BWCA region w/Tim, I’ve become a
major fan of the Sawbill experience! I loved tent-camping under the stars,
paddling & fishing on Sawbill & Lichen lakes, taking shelter during severe
weather, driving thru acres & acres of untouched wilderness land, and seeing
a wide variety of animals and birds for the first time, up close!
The 3 attached photos depict what turned out to be one of the biggest
highlights of our trip–driving up to a marshy clearing about 7 mi. from
Sawbill and spotting a mother moose and her baby, feeding on vegetation!
Tim & I took several photos of the moose, as well as photos of us standing
in front of them. Until that moment, I’d never seen a moose before…but
their beauty & serenity captivated me!
I loved the trip so much that I dreaded going home on the last day…and I
can’t wait to come back very soon!
Thanks again for helping to provide a life-altering experience!
Jenny Pekulik
Oak Creek, WI