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9/23/03 – Former Sawbill crewmembers Steve Surbaugh and John “OB” Oberholtzer took their eldest children out on their first overnight canoe trip a few weeks back. Steve’s son, Will, and OB’s daughter, Hazel, enjoyed their stay on Alton lake. The kids expressed some concerns about bears after seeing the bear in the permit video–they didn’t end up seeing any bears, although Hazel attests to hearing one in the middle of the night. Steve sent along these adorable photos from their excursion.

OB, Will, Hazel and Steve pose at the Sawbill landing as they prepare to begin their trip. Will and Hazel were both equipped with small paddles so they could help the canoe surge through the sparkling water of Sawbill lake.

Proud papa, OB, looks proudly on as the kids enjoy their first overnight BWCA experience.

Will Surbaugh snarfs down some spaghetti fireside. “Camping is fun!”