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11/03/06- Even though the calendar still says it’s fall, signs of winter are cropping up everywhere on an afternoon walk along the lake trail. While the dogs chased squirrels and experimented with just how much weight the shore ice could bear, Frosty and I snapped a few photos. Although most of Sawbill Lake is still open water, ice is creating intruiging formations along the shores, as well as in the back bays. Bright sunny skies and calm winds today were a pleasant change from the cloudy, gusty days of the past week. The high winds of late have been breaking up any large ice formations, but today’s weather is giving the ice a chance to reach across the bay near the landing. – Jessa
Ice beginning to form along a downed tree
ice puddles110306.jpg
Though the ice will inevitably win this battle, small holes emerge here and there along the shore.
We took this photo looking up the Sawbill Creek as it empties into the lake; note the frozen bay in the distance.