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11/27/06 – I am very sad to have to tell you that our little one year old terrier mutt, Izzy, was killed this morning by a fox trap set right along the Sawbill Trail less than a mile from our house. Cindy was out with the dogs for her morning walk, keeping the dogs close because she knew there were traps set all over the place. All the traps we’ve seen have been pine marten traps in trees. This was a ground set, so close to the road that the trapper could check it without getting out of his truck. There is no legal recourse against this extremely irresponsible behavior.
Everyone’s dog is special, but Izzy had certainly stolen all of our hearts. She was truly everything you want in a pet: loving, fearless, well behaved, self sufficient, and possessor of a hundred endearing quirks. She was just a year old. – Bill
Isabella Hansen 10/20/05 – 11/27/06. A great dog.