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4/24/07 – Today is the official “ice out” date for Sawbill Lake in 2007. Just one week ago the ice was 18″ thick and perfectly safe to walk on. It has been warm and we received more than a inch of warm rain over the weekend. Also the ice had been weakened by an intense warm spell in mid-March. This date is about a week early according to long term experience. Of course, when you take the warming climate into account… – Bill
Homer observes the remnant of the winter’s ice on Sawbill Lake. This picture was taken at about 3 pm, but I fully expect that this ice will be almost gone by midnight.
With the rapid melting and the recent rain, the lake level is just a few inches from flooding the canoe landing. This is normal water level for this time of year.
The lake ice takes on a very interesting honey-combed appearance as it melts.