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5/30/07 – We were notified today that campfires are now allowed inside the BWCA between 7pm-midnight. So remember to pack your marshmallows and hot dogs!
The Canadian Tiger Swallowtail butterflies also came out today in mass. Male Swallowtails emerge before the females and congregate near moisture and nutrients. They need to replenish the fluids they lost during emergence. These large gatherings also make it easier for the females to find them once they emerge. I found this large group down by the lakeshore, but there were also lots of them hanging out at the mud puddles along the Sawbill trail.
Today I also spotted a Mourning Cloak butterfly fanning in the sun by the lake. Unfortunately, my picture of it didn’t turn out. The Mourning Cloak is one of the earliest butterflies to be seen each year. They also are the longest living at ten to eleven months. – Caitlin