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6/17/07 – Another new Sawbillian to introduce! Tim Rinden, a native Minnesotan, was bestowed with his nickname, in true Sawbill fashion, before he even arrived. “Tiny” is currently a student at the University of Minnesota. His first catch of the summer, seen below, further cemented him as Tiny around here.
The other two fish caught last night (by our very own Clare Hansen) were a bit more impressive. Unfortunately, an intimidating Snapping Turtle was also quite taken with them.
She was spotted near the Forest Service dock on Sawbill last night while Cindy, Johnnie, Clare and Tiny were fishing. As the story goes, she “appeared from out of the depths.” Unfazed by the now four shrieking people on the dock, she made a beeline for the fish on the stringer and feasted at her leisure. As Cindy Lou put it, she went at the walleye “like it was corn on the cob!”
While she did provide a fantastic photo opp, she has also weakened the swimming enthusiasm I mentioned yesterday. Even though according to all the books, Snappers won’t snap at you unless they are approached while on land. It’s hard to believe the books after looking at her though. – Caitlin
Going in for the kill…
Snappers are the largest turtles in the North Woods and are most often seen in June when the females come to shore to lay their eggs. The average lifespan in the wild is around 30 years.