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Sawbill has many customers that unfailingly make the trip

6/19/07 – Sawbill has many customers that unfailingly make the trip up The Trail each year to spend a few days enjoying the wilderness. This week it is the one and only Team Fubar, Team Norski and Team U-Boat that have congregated up here to fish themselves silly. Jack Brenegan of Team Norski brought this picture with him this year of him and Doug Redsten and the 3 walleyes they caught on Alton in 1987. All together their catch weighed in at 28 lbs! Jack was quick to point out that now they would release any fish that big.
Jack and Doug were the first ones to start coming to Sawbill around the late 70s. As they returned each year their numbers began to grow. Sadly, Doug passed away in 1995 at which point the rest of the group of friends and family that had by then made the Sawbill trip a staple of their summer schedules decided to set up the three Teams. Team Fubar is led by Darrel Parker and Fred Escher. Team Norski (named for their Norwegian heritage) is captained by Jack Brenegan and his brother Duane Brenegan. Team U-Boat (named for their German heritage) is Jerry Keiser and Willie Schweffle. While this core has remained the same each year, from time to time they convince a few other friends and family to join them.
Jack Brenegan and Doug Redsten.jpg
Jack and Doug, first cousins, with a fantastic walleye catch in 1987.
The arrival of Teams Fubar, Norski and U-Boat and their matching hats is now a much awaited event by the Sawbill family. Not only do we love to catch up with returning customers, but this particular group enjoys themselves so thoroughly and their sense of humor is so easy that we can’t help but be infected by their good spirits. – Caitlin