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Sawbill crew birthday buddies

8/5/07 – Upon realizing three pairs of crew members shared birthdays, Cindy Hansen, not one to shy away from a photo op, called them out for picture time. Cindy says that once while working in the store she sold a fishing license to a man and when she checked his date of birth, she was excited to find it was the same as hers. Not only that, but the customer was purchasing the license on the birthday they shared. Cindy says Bill’s not as impressed by the “mere reality that people share birthdays” as she is, but she still gets excited to meet a new birthday buddy. Having three pairs of them working together must be a rarity, too, but perhaps not as rare as the look on Lida Storch’s face under Johnny Anderson-Hermann’s weight in the piggy back birthday buddies photo. -Lee
Piggy back birthday buddies.jpg
Birthday buddies jumping for joy.jpg
The birthday buddies are (jumping, left to right):
May 17 – Cindy Hansen (1960) and Patrick Nash (1983)
March 8 – Lida Storch (1983) and Johnny Anderson-Hermann (1987)
February 27 – Patrick Hughes (1984) and Clare Hansen (1988)