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I met a fox on the road today.

9/18/07 – I met a fox on the road today. I was out for a run on one of the logging roads off the Sawbill Trail. When I turned around to head back there was a fox crossing the road about 100 meters back. She saw me of course and I went still hoping not to frighten her off. Her fur was almost the same shade as the changing foliage around her and I was surprised to see that a fox’s bushy tail is almost the same size as the rest of its body. For about 2 minutes we surveyed each other without moving. She concluded I was no threat because she sat back on her haunches and looked around the woods twitching her ears. After another minute of this she laid all the way down on the road and rested her muzzle on her front paws just like a dog, keeping her eyes on me all the while. She seemed so relaxed I decided to see if I could get a bit closer. I walked to about 50 meters before I broke her comfort zone and she hurried off into the bushes. The meeting lasted all of 4 minutes, but it felt special and intimate, like most wildlife encounters here do. – Caitlin