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As you can tell from the lack of entries here,

12/17/07 – As you can tell from the lack of entries here, we’ve been very busy. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the time when we can devote ourselves to some activities other than the business. In Hansen family news: Cindy, Adam and Carl visited Clare at the U of Montana in Missoula. Carl was making his official campus visit prior to making application there. I’ve traveled recently to Las Vegas and Miami in connection with a couple of the non-profits that I’m involved with. Talk about culture shock! We’re all back at Sawbill now for awhile, so the updates will be flowing faster. – Bill
Clare, Adam and Carl Hansen high above Missoula, Montana.
Carl Hansen blows out candles on his 18th birthday!
We have about 18″ of snow on the ground, as you can see from this shot of the picnic table in front of the Sawbill Store!