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Two end-of-season traditions here at Sawbill

10/30/08 – Two end-of-season traditions here at Sawbill are the last paddle and the “closing of the beach club.” The beach club is the Forest Service airplane dock that we use for swimming during the summer. The dock has already been put away for the summer, so we celebrate by swimming one last time in Sawbill Lake. Actually, it’s less like swimming and more like jumping in and clawing your way out as fast as possible. – Bill
Tiny snaps a fine MySpace style photo of the last paddle. Four people and two dogs made for a full canoe.
The air temperature was hovering around 29 degrees when we decided to go swimming.
Bill, Cindy, Molly and Tiny prepare physically and mentally for the frigid leap.
Modesty prevents photos of the actual swim (think famous Seinfeld episode) but Cindy and Tiny’s feet give the proper feeling (or lack there-of).