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We received this nice email today. Thanks Mark.

1/21/09 – We received this nice email today. Thanks Mark.
Dear Bill and Crew,
Just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to get ready in your shop for our little winter expedition last Thursday. It was amazingly cold that first day & night, especially with the wind howling from the West, but overall, we had a wonderful time right through Sunday. We’ve ventured into the Sawbill/Alton/Beth areas the last couple of years and this area has become a favorite of ours for a winter excursion into the BWCAW. You are so blessed to be able to live and work in such an amazingly beautiful place.
I’ve attached a few of pictures from our trip. I hope you have a warm and fruitful rest of the winter and look forward to our next meeting hopefully later this year.
For the team,
Mark Kingsriter

Heading south on Alton Lake.
Yes, it was this cold!
Looking at Sawbill Lake from the east end of the Alton portage.