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Winter is still in full force here at Sawbill.

4/6/09 – Winter is still in full force here at Sawbill. Several days ago we had another big snowfall. Hard to say how much it was, because the winds were so high that measuring wasn’t very accurate. Probably 16″ of more though, from the look of it. Don’t be alarmed about early season canoeing. This can all melt fast if the temperatures go up. -Bill
This is the picnic table in front of the store that we use as our unofficial snow depth indicator. We’re calling it “buried” right now. the official snow depth gauge is reading 26″.
Last week’s ice storm left a notable icicle on the store building.
Homer climbs out of a hole created by a air vent.
The little dogs can stay on top of the crusted snow, which is making the red squirrels nervous. Lake skiing should be good while the temperatures are going well below freezing at night.
Sawbill Outfitters, buried in April.
Our snowman either has a drinking problem or is feeling the effects of the spring sun.