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Ellyn Phearman, a current Sawbill crew member took some great photos

5/31/09 – Ellyn Phearman, a current Sawbill crew member, took some great photos this evening after we finally received some much needed precipitation. Spring is an exciting time here because the greens are becoming greener and the buds are quickly beginning to bloom. Beautiful. – Lida
The marsh marigold grows in standing water in marshes, creeks, swamps and ditches. Its bright gold color is vibrant in this sea of greens and browns.
Reindeer lichen forms in large patches typically in old growth forests. Interestingly enough, we also learned that it is commonly used to represent miniature trees and shrubs in scale models.
The large-leaved aster is the most common ground cover in the Sawbill area. Eventually, many little purple flowers cluster at the top of the plant. Fun fact: the aster is also nicknamed lumberjack toilet paper (for obvious reasons).
These residual water droplets remain from this afternoon’s showers.
The Sawbill Trail looks beautiful in any season. To so many of us it’s a symbol of happiness, friendship, peace, quiet and escape.