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Our friend, Paul Sundberg, sent along the following note

10/16/09 – Our friend, Paul Sundberg, sent along the following note and pictures. Paul is a talented and well known photographer. You can see more of his beautiful work at:
Sawbill Canoe Trip
We did a quick fall trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Crossing Sawbill Lake was absolutely fabulous. It felt like summer with warm temps and calm winds. It was hard to believe that it was the last day of September.
Very few people go into the BWCAW this late in the fall so we had the place to ourselves. Some of the birch and aspen had a beautiful fall glow as we crossed the portage into Kelso Lake. We found all the campsites open so we picked one with a beautiful cliff overlooking the water. As the stars started to appear it made for some great photos.
The bull moose are now in rut so I took out my moose call and decided to try some moose calling. I called for about an hour but did not see any sign of moose. We loaded our canoe and headed down lake. Just after we rounded the point just ahead of us was the largest moose I have ever seen swimming across the narrow part of Kelso Lake. Seeing a moose with a twenty point set of antlers crossing the lake was a magnificent sight.
We waited until he got close to a small island to try and get some photos. Just as he stepped out of the water I called and he spun around and looked us right in the eyes. We got off a couple of photos before he stepped out and shook off some water and went crashing into the brush. I wanted him to stay around longer but was relieved that he wasn’t in the mood to chase us. I am not sure we could have paddled fast enough to get away.
Paul Sundberg
Sawbill Lake Reflections.jpg
Sawbill Lake Reflections
Quiet Evening On Kelso Lake.jpg
Quiet Evening On Kelso Lake
Bull Moose 1A.jpg
Bull moose gives Paul “the look.”
Bull Moose 2A.jpg
Into the forest.