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It’s time for Oktoberfest at Sawbill.

10/18/09 – It’s time for Oktoberfest at Sawbill. Lots of visitors stop in around this time of year to share the fall with the remaining crew, carve pumpkins, decorate cookies, go grouse hunting, and taste home brews. Last night we carved the pumpkins. Below are some of the photos our former crew member Molly Breslin took during the carving. Check back later for pictures of the finished products. – Lee
Adam puts knife to pumpkin in an early stage of his design.
Katie exhibits her work in progress, in honor of Homer, aka “Moon”, the Sawbill golden retriever.
Frosty digs in on his snowflake design.
Bill puts on his Hansen concentration face, using a Dremel tool to refine the shading on his pumpkin.
A mischievous looking Clare.
Putting the finishing touches on my mini pumpkin.