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Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Adam Hansen

11/30/09 – Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Adam Hansen came home for some turkey and grouse hunting. We spent quite a few hours hiking the back roads around Sawbill and had a wonderful time without appreciably decreasing the grouse population. We did throw a good scare into a few. Although we didn’t find many grouse, the pictures below show a few of the cool things that we did find. – Bill
Adam found this elaborate lean-to at a campsite near the Temperance River. Someone clearly had a lot of time on their hands.
This ice coated beaver dam on the upper Temperance River was a delightful discovery. Just a few feet upstream were the ruined pilings of and early 20th century logging railroad bridge. In the north country, the beavers win in the long haul.
This white pine was struck hard by lightning recently, gouging out this impressive splinter. Twin scars spun in a helix to the very top of the tree.