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When I go for my daily ski or run,

3/17/10 – When I go for my daily ski or run, I always see something that makes the trip worthwhile. It may be as dramatic as a gorgeous sunset or a subtle as a tiny strawberry blossom.
Yesterday, I hit the virtual jackpot. Not only was it 55 degrees with warm sunshine beaming on me and the bright green pines, but it was perfectly still and silent, without a breath of wind.
About two miles south of Sawbill I encountered a moose standing in the road. It let me get within about a hundred feet and then turned and walked down the road in front of me. Every minute or so, she would stop, ponderously turn around to see if I was still there, and then continue down the road. This went on until I turned back for home.
On the way back, I was admiring the large, fluffy cumulus clouds, which are common during the summer, but pretty rare in the middle of March. One cloud was large enough that it started to produce a rain shower which, in turn, created a complete double rainbow arch from horizon to horizon.
I can’t wait to see what awaits me this afternoon. – Bill