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It is as dry as I’ve ever seen it up here.

4/22/10 – It is as dry as I’ve ever seen it up here. A nearly a snowless March, followed by the earliest spring in anyone’s memory, combined with a lack of green foliage, has produced very high fire danger. Starting tomorrow, all open fires are banned anywhere in northeastern Minnesota. Propane and gas stoves are still allowed.
Fortunately for us, a contractor is here at the moment installing a large outdoor sprinkler system to protect our buildings from a catastrophic wildfire. We’ve had a smaller system of sprinklers that covered all our buildings and critical equipment, but the new system will ring the property with athletic field sprinklers that will just soak everything down if we are threatened by a fire.
On the positive side, it is very pleasant here right now – chilly at night, but warm and sunny every day. There have been eight or ten parties out on canoe trips already and they’ve all had a great time. – Bill