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Century Students Study BWCA

5/29/10 – A group of 23 Rochester Century High School students recently returned to Sawbill from a five day trip into the Boundary Waters. The students went on the trip for the culmination of an Environmental Awareness class, and the trip allowed them to examine the issues and concepts from the class through a firsthand wilderness experience. All the students, however, are seniors and will be graduating next week, and as they traded stories on the porch outside the Sawbill store, it was clear that their memories went beyond what they experienced for the class.
Rochester Century Students on the Porch with Homer.
Many of the students shared stories of nasty spills and practical jokes. Others had more curious memories. When asked about his favorite part of his trip, Erich Moyer said he most enjoyed double portaging 285 rods.
The students also had excellent news that has been shared by many Sawbill visitors recently: fishing is picking up. Cody Thompson reported great walleye fishing on Smoke Lake, and excellent pike fishing on Cam Lake, where five lines in the water resulted in five Northerns in the boats, all at the same time.
Perhaps most curious, however, was the pride of Matt Hyde, whom the group called “The Polar Bear.” Hyde showed off a terrible sunburn, and it is doubtful that he will enjoy the sunburn as much for his long ride home. When asked whether he had learned anything from the experience, perhaps the value of sunscreen, Hyde rejected this notion. He only said that next time he’ll maybe wear a shirt, but sunscreen was out of the question. He prefers to be “all natural.”
Matt Hyde shows off his sunburn.